The Madden NFL 18 Patch 1.04 Is About 2.5GB

  • Madden NFL 18 is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recently, EA Sports has released a new patch for the most recent Madden 18 game and it changes quite a lot about the game. The Madden NFL 18 patch 1.04 is at roughly 2.5 GB.




    Longshot Game Rewind – Ability to replay gameplay moments in Longshot.
    Squads Seasons – Play seasons in MUT Squads
    MUT Champions Monthly Leaderboards – See how you stack up on a monthly basis in MUT Champions
    MUT Champions Lineup Restrictions – MUT Champions events can now support lineup restrictions in the future
    Tournament Official Rules – View and agree to the official rules for Competitive Madden
    Video Player – UI Tiles can now trigger videos



    Addressed the issue with players recovering a fumble not being able to be tackled
    Tuning to decrease Hit Stick and Cut Stick fumbles globally
    Addressed the issue with receivers assigned to a bubble screen running the incorrect route
    Addressed an issue where the QB could not dive while scrambling
    Addressed the issue where the Gun Monster formation was leading to pancake blocks by the offensive line
    Added several new chemistry abilities to MUT, including:

    • Unfakeable – When user-controlled, player does not get faked out by ball carrier moves; when AI-controlled, can only be faked out by Tier 1 moves
    • Secure Tackler – When user-controlled, player does not allow broken tackles; when AI-controlled, can only allow broken tackles to Tier 1 moves
    • Footsteps – These defensive players will apply a higher catch-penalty to receivers when they are near the receiver during the catch point
    • Situational Pass Rusher – When pass rushing, these players receive a boost to pass-rush success chance on third and fourth and long situations
    • Primetime Protector – These blockers excel at pass blocking in third and fourth and long situations
    • Lead the Way – These blockers are more likely to succeed at run blocking when in a pull or lead block assignment
    • INT Specialist – These defenders are far less likely to drop interceptions unless the ball is tipped

    Added Vicis Zero1 Helmet with six supporting facemasks



    Added overall general stability to address crashes



    Addressed visual inaccuracies on the following players and coaches:

    • Patriots' David Harris
    • Bears' Leonard Floyd
    • Bears' Cameron Meredith
    • Cardinals' Robert Nkemdiche
    • Panthers' Julius Peppers
    • Lions' Ameer Abdullah
    • Lions' Jim Caldwell
    • Lions' Teez Tabor
    • Giants' Evan Engram
    • Giants' Paul Perkins
    • Texans' J.J. Watt
    • Ravens' Marlon Humphrey
    • Colts' T.J. Green
    • Raiders' coach Jack Del Rio
    • Chargers' Mike Williams
    • Saints' Michael Thomas
    • Steelers' Sammie Coates
    • Free agent Colin Kaepernick
    • Rams' Sammy Watkins

    Added Nike Force Savage Elite cleat
    Added Nike Alpha Menace Elite cleat (replaces Nike Untouchable)
    Addressed the loading screen to reflect proper steps around revealing Run Fit play art in Pre-Play
    Addressed the issue around reset option in Edit Uniforms not functioning



    Addressed many exploit blitzes that deal with QB Contain players and “locking” the tackles
    Addressed an issue around the “Bad Ballhawk” user banner triggering incorrectly
    Addressed an issue where the spot of the ball would be incorrect after a muffed punt
    Addressed an issue around Defensive Pass Interference catch animations triggering incorrectly in Competitive game style
    Fixed an issue around the Gauntlet in Skills Trainer stopping at level 39
    Fixed an issue around the Gunslinger trait sometimes not functioning correctly
    Addressed issue around the Camera being reset after a kicking play in MUT Squads
    Fixed exploit around Playmaker mechanic while using Target Passing
    Addressed animation issue with cut blocks
    Added timing rumble to kick meter when enabling Accessibility Options
    Fixed an issue where a user would be unable to call a timeout after the opponent had called a previous timeout
    Fixed an exploit blitz out of 3-4 Under
    Tuned diving catches on Competitive game style
    Fixed an issue where the defense could reset the offense’s ID Mike via Reset Play mechanic
    Added penalties to users who use the LB/L1 CPU-defensive assist mechanic on Competitive game style
    Addressed clock issues in overtime
    Tuned reach tackle attempts by defenders being blocked by receivers
    Added additional thresholds for broken sacks on Competitive game style
    Added additional thresholds for hit stick fumbles on Competitive game style
    Added additional thresholds for auto-broken tackles on Competitive game style
    Added additional thresholds for AI Strip Ball attempts on Competitive game style
    Tuned to increase inaccurate throws when using non-QBs at the QB position
    Addressed two exploits around receiver motions that forced defensive backs out of their coverage assignments
    Addressed issue of receivers freezing at the line in MUT Squads
    Reduced frequency of Illegal Block in the Back penalties in Simulation game style
    Fixed an issue around fumble recoveries not being tracked correctly in the stats menu
    Tuned to improve man coverage defenders getting beat deep by slower receivers
    Added a banner that triggers when a player with a “low” catch rating drops a pass or INT
    Added a banner that triggers when a AI player with high hit power causes a big hit fumble
    Added a banner that triggers when a AI player with the strip ball trait causes a strip fumble
    Improved the MUT Chemistry abilities graphics, which will now be chemistry blue when it flickers, and will also show the symbol of the ability that is triggering in the player ring
    Added the ability to create more complex rules for sets and lineup restrictions



    Addressed an issue around incorrect amount of XP being spent when purchasing traits
    Tuned Speed Regression for running backs in offline Franchises (already in Cloud)
    Added Vegas as a relocation option to offline Franchise (already in Cloud)
    Fixed Screens not properly scaling when viewing in 4K
    Updated Player and Coach career stats and Legacy Scores in Franchise
    Fixed an issue with ball spotting when exiting Supersim
    Addressed multiple issues in Franchise Twitter feed
    Addressed an issue where Edit Player/Create a Player right-arm sleeve would not appear in Franchise
    Addressed issues around WR Off the Line mechanics in Franchise Player mode when playing as a WR
    Color Rush games will now have the correct uniforms in Play Now Live Thursday Primetime games
    Fill Roster setting has been fixed to auto-sign a free agent if there are no active players at a position where one is required when enabled
    Fixed an issue where injured players would appear as healthy in Franchise games
    The Team Tab depth chart will now correctly re-order itself when returning a player early from injury
    Addressed an issue with FS/SS having a Season Goal of 0+ Interceptions


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